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Torrent is a small file with the suffix. Torrents are the fastest way to download movies, music, software or anything you want to download in easy way. Which contains all the information needed to download a file? It contains file names, their sizes, where to download from and so on..
Its interesting to know what are the top services that people are using to download and search for files. In technical terms these files are known as torrent, a portal to the actual files. There are many search engines which you can use to search torrents to download, Some of the best torrent Search Engines are mentioned below:

Toorgle is also one of the torrent search engine, which means mixing of torrent and Google is equal to Toorgle. It searches over in 250+ torrents websites. More than 7 million torrents indexed. It is also having FireFox Search bar to search torrents.

Using your BitTorrent client, access the internet’s richest media. Search the web for stuff to download and access helpful resources.

Torrentz is a free, fast and powerful meta-search engine. Key feature is same torrent from different sources is not duplicated while showing results.

It is one of the best Torrent search engine. By default it gathers results from 10 different torrent hosts. You can add/remove various torrent hosts for fine grained results.

BT Junkie
It is one of the largest and most advanced BitTorrent search engine. It uses a web crawler to search for torrent files from other torrent sites and store it in its database. Over 2.5 million active torrents and from 5,000-25,000 torrents added daily.

Demonoid indexes all the torrents that are being listed by members and is the second largest, and the most popular, semi-public tracker. If you have successfully registered you will receive membership daemon.

isoHunt is one of the most popular BitTorrent search engines. isoHunt is a BitTorrent index with over 1.7 million torrents in its database and 20 million peers from indexed torrents.

Its free and very fast. Install the Mininova toolbar and stay upgrade with the latest torrents.

TorrentZap is not as large of a catalog as other torrent search engines. The interface is clean, bright and easy to navigate.

Entertane is a metasearch engine. This means it searches other search engine results, but present the results in a single screen for ea
sy browsing. 

obviously The No .1 TPB( thepiratebay).

Leave comments if you are aware of other like the same !!!!!!!!

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  1. is a great torrent search tool that digs a little deeper. Dual search and combine results for side by side comparisons from all the top torrent searches from one single page.

  2. great list but i use to find torrents its fast and saves time


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