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My laptop display is turned to the right, to the left, up or down… Quick Fix

If you or a little onez flipped your laptop display chances are you are freaking out. Stop… Don’t worry you can flip it right back to where it is supposed to be with the following hot keys:

  •  Ctrl-Alt-Up – right side up
  • Ctrl-Alt-Right – 90 degrees
  • Ctrl-Alt-Down – 180 degrees
  • Ctrl-Alt-Left – 270 degrees (If that doesn’t work try Ctrl-Shift-R)


About the Author :
Am Hari Krishnan .Currently, I'm preparing a delicious meal... I take ingredients from the tech world... I have already used 2 tea spoons of software, 3 table spoons of network, a cup of linux and Windows, a jug of web and many more tasty ingredients!!


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