New useful hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts) in Windows 8

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There are a few useful hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts) introduced in Windows 8 which can make your Windows 8 experience better. Some of them are given below:

Windows 8 keyboard

Win key                Toggles between Start Screen and Windows Desktop

Win+X                 Opens Quick Access Menu

Win+PrntScr        Automatically saves screenshot in Pictures folder

Win+C                 Shows Charms Bar

Win+I                  Shows Settings panel

Win+K                 Launches Devices charm

Win+H                 Launches Share charm

Win+Q                Launches Search charm

Win+W                Launches Settings search page

Win+F                 Launches Files search page

Win+Tab             Shows Metro apps switcher as mentioned in point 4

Win+Z                 Shows / hides App bar at Start Screen to show all apps

Win+Spacebar     Toggles between input languages and keyboard layout

Win+,                   From Start Screen peeks at the Desktop

Win+Enter            Launches Narrator

Ctrl+F1                Minimizes / maximizes ribbon in Windows Explorer

Ctrl+Tab              Launches All Apps list on Start Screen

Win+spacebar      Toggles between input languages and keyboard layout

Win+,                   Peeks at the desktop

Win+Enter            Starts Narrator

Win+PgUp           Moves full screen window (i.e., the new Metro UI) to the monitor on the left in multi-mon

Win+PgDn           Moves full screen to the right

Win+Shift + .        Snaps application and/or moves the snapped app to left

Win+.                   Snaps application and/or moves the snapped app to right

Win+k                  Opens Devices charm

Win+h                  Opens Share charm

Win+q                  Opens Search charm

Win+w                 Opens Settings search

Win+f                   Opens Files search

Win+z                   Toggle AppBar

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